Featured Series: Mr. Buckley

The first two books of the Mr. Buckley series, A Cat Named Mr. Buckley and The Adventures of Mr. Buckley, follow the feisty orange barn cat as he explores the world.

Books for Young Readers

GYR Marsh books provide opportunities for elementary-age readers to explore the world with stories suited to younger readers.

Adventure at your Finger Tips

The Mr. Buckley and the Fairy Days series help elementary-age kids strengthen reading skills while building imagination.

Books for Young Readers from Twin Cities-based Publisher

GYR Marsh books provide tween readers and motivated learners with enjoyable content that encourages reading. Emerging readers from ages 9 to 11 can spark their imaginations though rich language to spur an interest in learning. Early readers, ages 8 to 10 will enjoy adventure-filled stories with age-appropriate content. See our Catalog

New From GYR Marsh

Free Coloring Pages And Mini-Posters

Free Coloring Pages And Mini-Posters

Coloring is a focused activity that teaches color awareness and hand-eye coordination. It also provides a chance to relax while spurring creative thinking. This free coloring book includes 15 coloring sheets and nine colorful mini-posters. They are perfect for quick breaks during a busy day or for travel fun for...
Jump Into Adventure With “Slugs on Saturday”

Jump Into Adventure With “Slugs on Saturday”

Book two of the Fairy Days series follows our team of young adventures on another quest through the magical world of fairies, trolls and …slugs. Yuck. Beasty, Daisy, Tricia, and new friend Pike must defeat a dessert-loving troll king and his army of slugs to return a stolen crown. If...

Finding the Right Stories for Tweens

Tweens, ages 9 to 11, who have moved beyond short and moderate-length chapter books need stories that are engaging, but age appropriate. Books for teens contain subject matter that is too mature for this age group, but books designed for pre-teens don't always challenge their reading skills. That's where GYR Marsh comes in. We publish books with storylines designed for upper elementary readers that entertain and educate. See what we have to offer.

Opportunities for Authors

GYR Marsh is open to reviewing manuscripts for children's books. We are on the lookout for both fiction and non-fiction projects geared towards pre-teens. Our experienced creative team works with you to understand your publishing goals and customizes services to your individual needs. Contact us.