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Find books that inspire and entertain. We provide quality writing that challenges minds and imaginations. It is our hope to spark an interest in reading that leads to new literary adventures and lifelong enjoyment of books.

Books to engage and delight

GYR Marsh was founded on the principle that readers should have access to stories that are engaging, creative and fun. We publish children’s books, thrillers and mysteries, and non-fiction. Our list of books is always growing.

Ready to Launch: Practical Steps for Starting Your Business provides practical business information to educate entrepreneurs about the steps needed to turn ideas into business ventures.

  • Finding New Reading Material For Advanced Readers
    When a child reads above grade level they are considered advanced readers. It is challenging to find books for these good readers that are age appropriate and interesting. Encourage advanced readers to read non-fiction. Biographies about leaders are good…
  • Writing Books About Cats
    Cats have been called aloof, persnickety, even self-centered. But anyone who has ever loved a cat knows they are entertaining, comforting, and joyful fluff balls. As story fodder, cats are unique studies in character. Each cat has its…
  • Announcing Book Release: Summer Camp Superhero
    Summer Camp Superhero, a action-packed book by GYR Marsh, is an adventure book for early elementary readers. This kid-length book celebrates the joy of summer camp and superheroes. The book’s hero is a young girl nicknamed Ginnie. She…