Creative Keepsakes

Customized Books for Parents

Create unique keepsakes by turning your child's art and stories into a book or story poster. GYR Marsh will design your special book or art piece using your children's pictures and writing and you'll receive a completed piece to hang on your wall, display on your coffee table or share with relatives and friends.

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Services for Writers

If you have a book under development and need publishing services, we can help. We offer book development services to writers. Services include:

  • Manuscript editing
  • Cover design
  • Book production

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Our Promise

GYR Marsh believes that early readers should have access to challenging, age-appropriate books. Our books are sensitive to the needs of early learners and provide opportunities for readers to explore the world. GYR Marsh books provide gifted learners with unique topics and vocabulary-building content. Emerging readers can spark their imaginations though picture books that use rich imagery and language to spur an interest in learning.