GYR Marsh is a Minnesota-based business information provider that focuses on providing resources to help small businesses entering the marketplace. Starting a business takes creativity, motivation and courage. Having the right information at you fingertips helps as you research the market and go through the steps of starting a business.

View the world with eyes that see a world of opportunity—not obstacles. Every day is an adventure to be faced with a brave and confident heart. Invent, build, organize—and when you’re ready to become the master of your passions—LAUNCH!

Our Goals

GYR Marsh shares over 20 years of business experience and resources with entrepreneurs to help guide new business owners through the journey of starting and maintaining a business. Learning and following established business practices is a key factor to running a successful business. Our goal is to:

  • Share knowledge
  • Provide guiding documents
  • Explore new topics in business
  • Stay current with trends
  • Offer steps to achieving goals
Photo of M.A. Novak
M.A. Novak, author of Ready to Launch

Ready to Launch

Order a step-by-step guide to starting a business.

Ready to Launch: Practical Steps for Starting Your Business provides practical business information and real-life examples to educate future and new entrepreneurs about the steps needed to turn ideas into business ventures.

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