Summer Camp Superhero book cover

Announcing Book Release: Summer Camp Superhero

Summer Camp Superhero, a action-packed book by GYR Marsh, is an adventure book for early elementary readers. This kid-length book celebrates the joy of summer camp and superheroes. The book’s hero is a young girl nicknamed Ginnie. She  magically turns into a superhero hedgehog while trying to win the camp’s ping pong championship.

She competes for the title of ping pong champ of Camp Firefly by competing against the camp ping pong superstar, Duncan Bright (who becomes a ping pong playing purple petunia).

The two take their competition to the roof of camp buildings and the top of one stinky outhouse. Who will win? It’s anybody’s game.

Reading Audience

Summer Camp Superhero is easy to read and packed with action. It is designed to engage younger readers, ages 6 to 9. The characters add touches of humor to the storyline. The content is age-appropriate and focuses on topics like friendship, responsibility, and courage.

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