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M.A. Novak owns GYR Marsh publishing. She was born in Scotland and currently lives in the United States. She has more than 20 years of corporate experience and holds a B.A. in Journalism and an M.B.A. in Management. Early in her career she found success as freelance graphic designer and owner of a creative design company.
Minnesota Moon book cover

Finding New Reading Material For Advanced Readers

When a child reads above grade level they are considered advanced readers. It is challenging to find books for these good readers that are age appropriate and interesting. Encourage advanced readers to read non-fiction. Biographies about leaders are good options. Biographies are available in simple form for early readers and as more complex books for advanced […]

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Writing Books About Cats

Cats have been called aloof, persnickety, even self-centered. But anyone who has ever loved a cat knows they are entertaining, comforting, and joyful fluff balls. As story fodder, cats are unique studies in character. Each cat has its own personality, its own unique habits and idiosyncrasies. The challenge in writing about cats is to illustrate […]

Summer Camp Superhero book cover

Announcing Book Release: Summer Camp Superhero

Summer Camp Superhero, a action-packed book by GYR Marsh, is an adventure book for early elementary readers. This kid-length book celebrates the joy of summer camp and superheroes. The book’s hero is a young girl nicknamed Ginnie. She  magically turns into a superhero hedgehog while trying to win the camp’s ping pong championship. She competes […]

Serpents on Sunday book cover

Book Release: Serpents on Sunday

Serpents on Sunday is available from GYR Marsh publishing. The story is book three of the Fairy Days series. The book follows the summer fun of Tettegouche Falls young adventurers, Pike, Tricia, Beasty and Daisy. The crew helps a water fairy named Verity catch her wayward pet serpents who are under a destruction spell accidently […]

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What is Buzz? Buzz is an initiative sponsored by GYR Marsh to support research into issues affecting the sustainability of bee populations. Bee research organizations study the impact of environmental factors and disease on bees to explore ways to protect them and help them thrive. Ten percent of all profits from Buzz merchandise offered by GYR Marsh […]

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