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To Network or Not to Network

Last week, my husband and I were invited to a birthday party for one of his co-workers. Amidst the gifts, cake, Cheetos and mile long buffet I chatted with his work family about bowling, the weather, the state of the economy—anything I could think of that would entertain without offending. As a work-from-home business owner, […]

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Choosing the Right Marketing Mix

A successful marketing campaign begins with knowing your audience’s habits. You should gather two types of information: general industry information and detailed customer information. Use your general industry knowledge to assess your customer’s communication preferences. Research the following: Where your customers get their information. What type of advertising they are likely to respond to. When […]

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New Twist on Old Tactics

We’ve all heard popular marketing calls to action. For a limited time only! Act now or miss this opportunity! A once in a lifetime chance! Maybe we’ve even used a few in our advertising. These phrases are designed to spur consumers to buy products quickly. But do they work or are consumers becoming wise to […]

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Managing Business Growth

When starting a business, it’s tempting to want to leap to the top of the pack right away. You are throwing your money, time, and energy into your business, why shouldn’t it grow rapidly? More customers means more money, which means instant success. Right? Not always. Growing too rapidly can drain your pocketbook and time, […]

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Online Marketing to Expand Reach

Online means using the Internet, e-mail, and other electronic tools to expand your company’s reach. Having a Web presence is the first weapon in your e-marketing arsenal. Before making purchasing decisions, consumers search the Internet for product information and even cost comparisons. As a small company, having an Internet presence can mean the difference between […]

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