Book One: A Cat Named Mr. Buckley

This is Book One of the Mr. Buckley Series, books that follow the adventure of a North Dakota barn cat. Mr. Buckley, a spirited orange barn cat likes his routine life of naps, juicy leftovers, and playtime with the barn mice. But when an enemy comes at his North Dakota farm in the form of two feisty kids his world is turned upside down. Get to know Mr. Buckley as he faces his fears and finds new friends.

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Book One of the Mr. Buckley series introduces readers to the feisty orange cat who makes his home in a North Dakota barn. The story follows Mr. Buckley’s adventures with nature and his growing friendship with the children who move to the farm.  A Cat Named Mr. Buckley is available as a paperback and digital download.

Ages: 7 – 11

210 Pages

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