Summer Camp Superhero

Genevieve Colette Dooley (Ginnie) has high hopes for summer camp. She will make new friends, roast marshmallows, and become The Camp Firefly ping pong champ…if she can beat ping pong champ Duncan Bright. But summer camp takes a strange turn when a strange fog seeps in. Ginnie becomes a Superhero hedgehog and the battle for ping pong champ is on in a magical way.

Summer camp just got interesting.

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Product Description

In this book for early readers, Ginnie is exited for summer camp. She has dreams of becoming the ping pong champ of camp Firefly. But first, she has to defeat Duncan Bright for the ping pong title. The battle becomes more interesting when a strange fog turns Duncan into a villainous Petunia and Ginnie into a superhero hedgehog. Summer was never so interesting…or prickly.

Ages: 5-9

104 Pages

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