Book Two: The Adventures of Mr. Buckley

Book two of the Mr. Buckley Series follows Mr. Buckley, a curious orange barn cat, on an adventure full of danger and excitement as he travels across North Dakota to find his family. He braves wolves, trains, snow…and dogs to reunite with the kids that he calls friends. Read about his epic journey, filled with danger and a sprinkle of wonder tossed in for good measure.

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Mr. Buckley is happy with his life on the North Dakota farm he calls home. He has a comfy hayloft to sleep in, a dish filled with tasty treats and human friends to play with him. Everything is perfect, until the friendly family packs up and leaves the farm. Mr. Buckley can’t imagine life on the farm without the people that make the farm a home. Follow Mr. Buckley on his trip across North Dakota as he faces danger to find his family.

The Adventures of Mr. Buckley is available as a paperback and digital download.

Ages: 7 – 11

202 Pages

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