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What is Buzz?

Buzz is an initiative sponsored by GYR Marsh to support research into issues affecting the sustainability of bee populations. Bee research organizations study the impact of environmental factors and disease on bees to explore ways to protect them and help them thrive. Ten percent of all profits from Buzz merchandise offered by GYR Marsh go directory to organizations engaging in bee research.

Bees are important

Bees are busy pollinators who spread pollen and seeds from plant to plant. This process ensures that crops such as fruits, nuts, vegetables and more mature to become edible foods that feed people around the world. Bees also produce honey, a food source for both bees and humans. While bees are small, they are also powerful insects, necessary for the continued viability of the food chain.

In recent years, bee keepers and researchers have reported a reduction in bee colonies worldwide. This loss of bees may have been happening over the past 20 to 50 years. Bee researchers are exploring the impact of environmental changes, pesticides, disease and habitat loss as issues impacting bee populations. With over 4,000 species of bees in North America, it’s of utmost importance to keep these buzzing workers healthy and thriving.

How you can help bees

  • Learn about bees. Understanding bee’s habits and needs is a great way to be bee friendly.
  • Plant a variety of bee-friendly plants for each season to provide bees with a food supply throughout the year.
  • Avoid using pesticides on lawns and plants. Some plants like dandelions are a valuable source of food for bees.
  • Shop Buzz. Ten percent of profits are donated to bee research.
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