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Finding New Reading Material For Advanced Readers

When a child reads above grade level they are considered advanced readers. It is challenging to find books for these good readers that are age appropriate and interesting.

Encourage advanced readers to read non-fiction.

Biographies about leaders are good options. Biographies are available in simple form for early readers and as more complex books for advanced readers. Historical novels about important points in history will also grow young minds and spark curiosity. School libraries often have non-fiction books appropriate for young readers. Teachers may have suggestions as well.

Find books about careers.

Books that provide career-focused information will help young readers explore the work world while learning new skills. Programming guides for beginners provide young people with projects that let them practice coding. Business books that offer introductory overviews of finance and marketing are good choices as well. The career section of local bookstores is stocked with options to explore. School career counselors are another good source for suggestions.

Challenge you child to write about books.

Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. Encourage good readers to write about the storylines, content, characters in the stories they love. Short summaries about content will help readers better understand the concepts outlined in the story. Writing also builds vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure. Writing also encourages creative thinking which benefits children in all aspects of development.

Pre-read books for older age-ranges

If a tween insists on looking for books in the young adult section, pre-reading books is important. Content that is designed for 16 to 18 year-olds, may not be acceptable for younger readers. If younger readers do reader more mature content, be available to answer questions and talk through content when needed.

By providing options that go beyond popular fiction, readers looking for a challenge will find content that excites them and exposes them to new concepts.

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