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Head into winter with a good “Shiver”

When Archer Donahue marries Ellie Snow, he finds the true meaning of ‘to death do us part’ as he takes a harrowing journey through a blizzard to the depths of madness.

In Shiver, a thriller that takes place in the frozen Minnesota Northwoods, money never meant much to Archer Donahue until he realizes he doesn’t have any. Once he figures it out, he is stuck in a rut so deep he can’t plow his way out of its tread. But Ellie can save him. Ellie is a pretty face on a dating app and Archer can’t resist her blazing green eyes, cherry lips and raucous blond curls. He swipes right. Ellie swipes right. Their fate is sealed. But Ellie has secrets that she hides in the dusty corners of her Duluth, Minnesota, mansion perched along Lake Superior.

Archer thinks he can be free of Ellie’s tightening grasp by escaping to a business meeting along the brutal North Shore of Lake Superior. During the trip, Archer fights to stay on the icy road while maintaining his sanity as he relives memories of his troubled marriage. Archer races against an incoming snowstorm that threatens his safety.

An encounter with a deer sends Archer into a ditch where he is trapped in his car during the blizzard. His only goal is to find shelter and survive the storm. But he is not alone in the snow. Strange text messages warn him of doom and the spirit of a dead doe haunts him. Archer must escape the blinding snow and survive the storm to find the truth. But the truth might just be the ultimate lie.

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