New Book Release: Serpents on Sunday

Serpents on Sunday is new from GYR Marsh. The story is book three of the Fairy Days series. The book follows the summer fun of Tettegouche Falls young adventurers, Pike, Tricia, Beasty and Daisy. The crew helps a water fairy named Verity catch her wayward pet serpents who are under…

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Announcing A New Book Release: Summer Camp Superhero

Summer Camp Superhero, a new book by GYR Marsh, is an adventure book for early elementary readers. This kid-length book celebrates the joy of summer camp and superheroes. The book’s hero is a young girl nicknamed Ginnie. She  magically turns into a superhero hedgehog while trying to win the camp’s…

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Writing Books About Cats

Cats have been called aloof, persnickety, even self-centered. But anyone who has ever loved a cat knows they are entertaining, comforting, and joyful fluff balls. As story fodder, cats are unique studies in character. Each cat has it’s own personality, it’s own unique habits and idiosyncrasies. The challenge in writing…

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Finding New Reading Material For Advanced Readers

When a child reads above grade level they are considered advanced readers. It is challenging to find books for these good readers that are age appropriate and interesting. Encourage advanced readers to read non-fiction. Biographies about leaders are good options. Biographies are available in simple form for early readers and as…

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Why Reading Matters: Raising Good Readers

In a world of distractions, some young people are abandoning reading. Between online videos, games, and streaming movies, and sports there are plenty of options to fill a child and teen’s free time. As a result of all this busyness, book reading is on the decline. For many kids, opening…

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New Release for 2017: Mr. Buckley And The Rising River

New release: Mr. Buckley And The Rising River Book Cover with cat and dog

Enjoy the third book in the Mr. Buckley series, Mr. Buckley And The Rising River. This new release for February 2017, takes place along the flooded Red River in Fargo, North Dakota. In this series release, Mr. Buckley and his human friends find themselves in peril as the Red River…

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Top Five Minnesota Literary Cities

Great literature creates a sense of place through words. Readers see the surroundings, smell the scents, and hear the noise of the setting through detailed descriptions and character speech. To create these vivid scenes, writers often draw from their surroundings when they sit down to hash out a book. The…

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Free Coloring Pages And Mini-Posters

free coloring pages

Coloring is a focused activity that teaches color awareness and hand-eye coordination. It also provides a chance to relax while spurring creative thinking. This free coloring book includes 15 coloring sheets and nine colorful mini-posters. They are perfect for quick breaks during a busy day or for travel fun for…

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Jump Into Adventure With “Slugs on Saturday”

Slugs on Saturday book cover

Book two of the Fairy Days series follows our team of young adventures on another quest through the magical world of fairies, trolls and …slugs. Yuck. Beasty, Daisy, Tricia, and new friend Pike must defeat a dessert-loving troll king and his army of slugs to return a stolen crown. If…

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