New Release for 2017: Mr. Buckley And The Rising River

Enjoy the third book in the Mr. Buckley series, Mr. Buckley And The Rising River. This new release for February 2017, takes place along the flooded Red River in Fargo, North Dakota. In this series release, Mr. Buckley and his human friends find themselves in peril as the Red River rises after heavy spring rains.

The fiery orange barn cat and his human friends are joined by a friendly sheepdog named Pickles and his puppy named Sprout at the banks of the Red River.

What starts as a day of sandbagging turns into a dangerous mission to save Sprout from the raging waters. When Sprout falls into the swirling tide, Mr. Buckley helps Pickles overcome his fear of water to rescue his young pup and bring him to safety.

New Release in the Mr. Buckley Series

The Mr. Buckley series follows the adventures of an orange barn cat and his human and animal friends. The book series is designed from upper elementary readers from ages 8 to 11. The stories focus on themes such as friendship, bravery, helping others and overcoming fears. It is animal-focused with human friends offering support and encouragement.

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