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A Cat Named Mr. Buckley

Meet Mr. Buckley

Book One of the Mr. Buckley children’s book series, A Cat Named Mr. Buckley, introduces young readers to the feisty orange cat who lives in a North Dakota barn.

Mr. Buckley is a not a fan of the coyote that roams the fields around his red barn in North Dakota. He hides in the hay loft to stay far away from their dangerous teeth. He enjoys his days chasing mice and eating bacon handed to him by the farmer that runs the farm.

However, his peaceful life changes on a bright summer day when a family with two kids moves to the farm. The energetic children scare him with their singing and dancing and talking. But they also intrigue him. When the coyote threatens their safety, Mr. Buckley learns that friendship comes in unexpected ways. A Cat Named Mr. Buckley follows Mr. Buckley’s adventures in nature and his growing friendship with the children who move to the farm.

A Cat Named Mr. Buckley is available as a paperback and digital download.

Ages: 7 – 10
Pages: 210
Cover: Paperback

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