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Fairies on Friday

Daisy Zellner hates fields trips. On her trips with Tettegouche Falls elementary school, she has been thrown-up on, teased, and even carried away by a wayward hot-air balloon. Her fourth grade field trip is destined to be the worst yet. She is lost in the woods with a class bully, a fairy princess with fading powers, and an evil gnome threatening to destroy the world.

It is up to Daisy and her friends to overcome their differences and find a mysterious silver box. The box holds the key to saving Tettegouche Falls and defeating the gnome.

Join the adventure in this exciting book for kids. Follow Daisy and her friends on the adventure of a lifetime as they save their home town from destruction.

Age level: 7 – 11
Pages: 212
Cover: Paperback

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