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Mr. Buckley And The Rising River

In this children’s adventure book, Mr. Buckley And The Rising River,  Mr. Buckley, the daring orange barn cat, faces the battle of his life. He and his friends, sheepdogs Pickles and Sprout, must protect Fargo from raging flood waters brought on by the spring snow melt.

Fargo, North Dakota, is a vibrant town on the Red River. However, the town is threatened when the calm river waters turn to roaring rapids and threaten to flood the banks. The community must band together to save the town and their very existence. Mr. Buckley and his band of canine friends are not going to sit on the sidelines as the river rises. They jump right in to help. When Sprout, the young sheepdog, is swept into the river, it’s up to Mr. Buckley and his human friends to save the puppy.

Will the adventurers conquer their fears to save Fargo and each other? Find out in the children’s adventure book with non-stop fun.

The book is available as a paperback and as a digital download.

Ages: 7 – 11
Pages: 188
Cover: Paperback

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