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Small but mighty homepreneurs

Work-from-home businesses are often small—with one or two employees. But when homepreneurs sell their wares in the marketplace, they often compete with the big dogs. Presenting products or services next to large, established companies with dedicated staffs and expensive marketing materials can be daunting. It’s easy to feel minute when faced with a behemoth or even a mini-behemoth. This feeling of inadequacy is a confidence buster. Worse, it can give a small business an identity crisis. A business owner who originally entered the market energized may begin to wonder if her business can compete. In her mind, she may question whether the business is a career changer or just a hobby.

Planning for Success

So what makes a business a game-player? Is it the number of employees an organization has? Maybe, it is the size of the company’s product portfolio. It could be the company’s budget or profit margin. These certainly help, but businesses strong in these areas still fail. I say, it’s the professionalism and ideas a company brings to the table. Just because a company operates out of a garage doesn’t mean it doesn’t have valuable ideas or products that can benefit others. I say, go into the market big. Show how your business will benefit your customers. Present your ideas professionally and clearly. Market your business mightily and support your brand with your actions. With hard work and confidence about your abilities, your small company can compete side by side with the seasoned veteran—and maybe show them a thing or two.

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