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Writing a Business Plan

You have a business idea in mind. The details have been stewing in your brain for weeks. Maybe you even wrote some bullet points on a napkin while eating lunch. What’s next? Writing a business plan provides a map for starting your business and is essential to getting your business off the ground. The business […]

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Writing a Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is similar to a business plan in that it requires analysis of your company, your market, and your industry. It differs in that it also lays out your plan for competing in the market. The marketing plan also helps you and your employees stay on track when “the next best thing in […]

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Small but mighty homepreneurs

Work-from-home businesses are often small—with one or two employees. But when homepreneurs sell their wares in the marketplace, they often compete with the big dogs. Presenting products or services next to large, established companies with dedicated staffs and expensive marketing materials can be daunting. It’s easy to feel minute when faced with a behemoth or […]


Steps to Starting a Business

Businesses are built on ideas but ideas don’t build businesses. To determine if your business idea is the next big thing, start by doing research. Define your business idea Determine what you want to sell by asking the following questions: Does your product have features that make it easier to use?   Is it more attractive […]

Ready to Launch

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