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How to Generate Business Ideas

There’s an old saying that goes: Creativity is one part inspiration two parts perspiration. Coming up with a good business idea is one part inspiration, two parts perspiration and a whole lot of persistence. Here’s an example of idea generation in action from the younger generation. Maria and the Moon Two-year old Maria is obsessed […]

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Evaluating Business Opportunities

When you write your business goals, your mind may race in exciting directions. You see visions of your product advertised on the side of buses and celebrities hawking your services on national television. You might think expand, expand, expand and you envision more products, a dozen new service offerings, even a totally new direction. It’s […]

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Making accessibility a priority

Accessibility means all individuals, including those with disabilities, have the same level of access to information. Federal agencies including those that administer Medicaid and Medicare programs are required to follow accessibility guidelines set out by federal law, such as Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which governs technology accessibility. Common communications tools that […]

Ready to Launch

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